Top 5 Trusted Wi-Fi Extenders on Amazon – Secure Your Internet in 2018

Internet connectivity is now independent of material contact. Wi-Fi technologies have transformed both, work and home, networking environments.

But, the perks of wireless Internet connectivity are constrained upon strength and coverage area of Wi-Fi routers. For this reason, you should consider Wi-Fi extender as a necessary device.

If you don’t want to see those annoying icons of limited or no connectivity on your Wi-Fi display, get a Wi-Fi extender.

How to Test Wi-Fi Extenders?

Let’s be clear, you cannot trust any Wi-Fi extender on the market. Don’t go high-end products if that’s how you think you’ll get the best deal.

You need to compare all Wi-Fi extenders based upon the same parameters.

  •    Same location
  •    Same router
  •    Same network

If you test multiple Wi-Fi extenders in the same environment, there’s more accuracy in the results.

We’ve done the same and picked out best Wi-Fi extenders for 2018. In addition to robust internet connectivity, these extenders offer additional advantages to the users.

Check them out.

Top 5 Trusted Wi-Fi Extenders of 2018

From data transfer speed and coverage range to spectrum compatibility and power usage, the following reviews are comprehensive and unbiased.

1: Devolo GigaGate

Devolo GigaGate


The GigaGate is a dual-part Wi-Fi extender. It offers ultra-fast data transfer speeds at all ranges.

The device satellite creates its PowerLine network. This device delivers a performance that outpaces high-end Wi-Fi routers.


  •    Stable connection for multiple users
  •    Easy extension set up
  •    Ultra-fast speed at long-range


  •    Costs same as a full-fledged Mesh Wi-Fi system

The effortless setup uplifts its position among best Wi-Fi extenders of 2018.
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2: Asus Dual-band Repeater

Asus Dual-band Repeater

The RP-AC66 is a smart-looking Wi-Fi extender by Asus.

You may hate the bulky design. Unfortunately, that’s the result of its all-rounder features.

It’s quite large, concerning a unit, but doesn’t protrude beyond reasonable limits.

Unlike other Wi-Fi extenders, the RP-AC66 doesn’t reflect different data transfer speeds for downloads and uploads.


  •    Impressive performance in 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  •    Consistent coverage in long-range and short-range


  •    Not that fast in close-range

The Asus RP-AC66 uses Ethernet port for providing feed signal. At the same time, it can also function as an access point.
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3: Netgear EX3800

Netgear EX3800

Are you looking for the best mid-range, dual-band Wi-Fi extender? The EX3800 by Netgear is an all-embracive Wi-Fi extender that offers a decent amount of features.

It is relatively small and not that attractive in design. However, its impressive performance in long-range 5GHz and short-range 2.4GHz tests leaves you satisfied.


  •    High speed at long-range
  •    Convenience with mains passthrough


  •    Setup woes
  •    Basic design

You may complain about the complicated setup. The obligation to sign up to Netgear Genie services is also quite annoying.

Nonetheless, the Netgear EX3800 is a cost-effective option for consistent 5GHz band connectivity.
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4: D-Link DAP-1320

D-Link DAP-1320

A trusted Wi-Fi extender doesn’t have to be bulky. The D-Link DAP-1320 is by far the smallest Wi-Fi extender.

It is cheap, designed for basic networking needs, and simple to use.

With 300 Mbps transfer speed limit, the DAP-1320 is the best fit for the 2.4GHz band. Concurrently, there is a drop in its 5GHz abilities.


  •    Low cost
  •    Compact Design
  •    Excellent performance with a 2.4GHz band


  •    Not for 5GHz, only supports 2.4GHz

You can also choose different SSID for extended networks, along with the choice to either retain the same password or add another one.
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5: Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi

It’s an expensive Wi-Fi extender, but worth every buck.

The Netgear Orbi is not just a Wi-Fi extender. It can perform the role of a router and an extender on the same SSID or Wi-Fi network.

Simple setup and exceptional running performance for prolonged periods make up for the high price.


  •    Uses dedicated 5 GHz Wi-Fi band between intermediate links and core network
  •    Superfast speeds at long range
  •    Easy to manage access points, single SSID
  •    Steady coverage


  •    Average router speeds at close range
  •    High power usage
  •    High initial costs

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All in all, the Netgear Orbi is our best pick for trusted Wi-Fi extenders of 2018. You can enjoy robust, secure and consistent internet connectivity with this Wi-Fi extender.  

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