Is Dailymotion safe?- Top Guide and Reviews

What is Dailymotion?

Dailymotion is a video hosting service launched in March 2005 (Only a month after the launch of Youtube). Although it is a joint venture between Vivendi and Orange S.A. Vivendi holds 90% of the shares, which makes Vivendi the primary owner.

The headquarters of Dailymotion is in Paris, France. To a great extent, Dailymotion is similar to Youtube. It provides a platform for the viewers to watch and upload videos. Just like Youtube, also gains its fair share of earnings from advertisements.

The website streams both types of advertisements- contextual and video ads. It also allows the users to browse through videos through channels, tags or user-created groups. Much like youtube, the search system is an intricate network of data that is fed to the engine, once you punch the information of the video that you are looking for, the website also takes you to a list of similar videos.

Users can upload a video of a maximum of 2 GB, the length of a video cannot be more than 60 minutes. This limitation, however, does not apply for motion makers and official users.

How safe are you on the internet?

To answer the question ‘is Dailymotion safe’ you might need to probe further than just the surface level information that you can easily access from the Wikipedia. This article will try to provide you some insights beyond the Wikipedia and ‘just facts’.

‘Safety’ is a somewhat relative term. If you are asking yourself the question of whether Dailymotion is safe or not, you also might want to ask yourself what kind of safety is it that you are looking for? Because let us tell you, nothing that we see on the internet is entirely safe.

Internet works through channels to transmit data and information

The information on the internet is always outsourced to us through a channel of passages. Before the information reaches us it goes through a number of infiltration, moderation, segregation, categorization, etc.

What makes you think that any information that reaches our eyes and ears works in a one-way medium? It does not, the internet is constantly recording our search history, cookies, likes, dislikes for the ‘betterment’ (again betterment is a relative term) of us and themselves.

Hence, if you really want to know whether Dailymotion is safe or not you have to be aware of the complex ways in which internet works (Once you get to know safety might seem like a propagandist joke).

Internet keeps a record of your personal data

The internet is obsessed with collecting data; it is always profusely waiting for the users to put even the slightest bit of information about their personal lives and preferences. Anything and everything that is once entered through the search engines of any website is recorded and registered forever.

The internet always asks you to register yourself first (mostly in private website) to reduce the chaos and to provide you with a customized page/website. This is not to say that your information is misused by these websites. No! The websites have a strict code of conduct for the safety of the information of their users, but if you are concerned about your safety always keep this in mind that despite everything, at the end of the day these websites have your personal information.

Is Dailymotion safe?

To answer the question ‘is Dailymotion safe’, we would say that it depends on what kind of safety you are looking for. If it the safety of your PC and other gadgets then we advise you to not trust the website so much. Keep your PCs protected with antivirus to prevent online threats from making a way to your system.

On the other hand, if you are looking for safety against the components like- explicit content, unsuitable content for children. We would like to say that the website is safe. Although it contents explicit and unsuitable contents, you still hold the jurisdiction to decide whether you want to access them or not. If you don’t want to access such contents the website keeps your interest in consideration and provides you only the kind of contents that you’d like to watch.

There’s still another aspect of safety that you might be concerned about, the safety against your personal information, search history and cookies. Unfortunately, in this case, you are not safe. The 21st century is governed by only one power and that is the power of biopolitics.

If you walk the earth, everything that you feed to your search engine is recorded and registered. Certain websites also use ‘consent-fatigue’ (if not familiar with the term, Google it) to extract as much information from you as mechanically possible. Hence, on the internet, the safety of your personal information is always at stake.

Does Dailymotion take any safety measures?

So, is Dailymotion safe? Yes and No. Yes because it is safe as long as you are aware of how to navigate through the videos that you might want to watch and the ones that you would want to avoid. The Internet always puts the viewer’s comfort at the top of their list of priorities.

Thus, the excessive demand to know everything about you so that they can provide you content based on your choices. When you click to the sidebar pop-up asks your permission to use cookies for a better experience. You can scroll past the first page only if you grant permission.

Why do people have a notion that Dailymotion is not safe?

  Banned in over 200 countries

Dailymotion has been banned in over 200 countries; it’ll be actually easier to list the name of countries where it has not been banned rather than listing the ones where it is banned. Dailymotion is available in 18 languages. It holds the rank of 131st most popular video websites. From the traffic standpoint of you, despite being banned in so many counties has been listed as the 44th most visited site.

Now, let’s address the question, what makes people think that Dailymotion is not safe? People rely on facts and data to draw a conclusion on things that they cannot comprehend fully. For a technologically-deprived or poorly ‘educated’ person, it is hard to grasp the workings of the internet.

Hence, the common public uses visible data as their primary source to decide such things. Since Dailymotion is banned in over 200 countries in the world it is easy to assume that the website is not safe. But, let us break your bubble (and that is exactly why we are here). The ban posed by a government on any website does not prove anything related to its safety.

The reason for such banishments lies in factors like- explicit content, unsuitable contents for children and teenagers, among various other factors. As we pointed out earlier that ‘safety’ is a relative concept. One might consider explicit content unsafe to browse through.

Inclusive of ‘explicit’ contents

If you are concerned about the contents of the website? Yes, Dailymotion allows the users to post and watch more ‘liberal’ and explicit contents than any other similar site but the site is extremely easy to navigate if you know the basics of the internet you’ll never have to come across the contents that you do not prefer having on your screen.

Dailymotion also comes with a child-proof setting. So, if you use Dailymotion but wouldn’t want the children to come across any inappropriate content, all you have to do is go to settings and click one button.

Why is Dailymotion allowed to post explicit content and YouTube is not?

Dailymotion is a joint venture; the company was under negotiations with Yahoo to sell its shares, whereas, YouTube has been bought by Google in 2006. Hence, the parent company of YouTubeis Google. The authority of what should and should not be allowed in a particular site is held by the founders or the current owners of the websites.

Similarly, the authority is transmitted to everyone through whom it passes across. For example, it should be’s decision as to what should or shouldn’t be allowed in the site worldwide, but the countries which allow the site also get a say in what should be allowed in the website in that particular country.

The government can provide partial or full access of the contents to the user of a particular website according to what will be in the best interest of the country.

Hence, Dailymotion is allowed to post explicit content because of the authorities responsible. In the case of YouTube, Google already has access to a number of sites where they can dispose of their explicit content for the viewers. Hence, they use YouTubeas a medium to broadcast only a few particular kinds of videos.

Is Dailymotion safe for your gadget?

Safety from online threats to your computer could be entirely unrelated to the safety of other kinds. In the case of Dailymotion, it is always advised to keep your PCs protected with antivirus as the site runs a risk of downloading unwanted material in your system. The cyber threats prevail in all the visible, ‘liberal’ areas.

In order to provide a space for the explicit (Or other similar types of) contents, the website involuntarily also exposes itself to the threat of virus and malware.

In today’s era cyber safety is a huge concern among the users. We put a lot at risk when it comes to cyber safety: our personal information, the safety of the system being used, keeping children away from inappropriate contents could be a few among the many. The stakes are always high while surfing through the internet, but let us assure you that is a safe website as long as you know how to operate.

The website takes all the measures to ensure your safety.

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