Top 35 Free Movie Streaming Site That Needs No Signup (June 2019 list)

Movies and TV shows are just inseparable parts of our lives. Everywhere people are streaming over Netflix and Amazon Prime. Surely they are much updated and provides high definition quality of pictures, they do come with a prize to pay. You have to go through a tedious task of signing up and entering your credit card details and after the amount is paid, you get to watch your favourite movie.

If you are paying only! Why not to go to a theatre and chill as well. Well, I have come up with a big deal of solution to people like me out there, who wants to watch latest movies and shows but don’t want to spend and penny and waste an hour on signing up.

Here’s a list of top 35 best movie streaming sites, that don’t need sign up procedures!

1. See HD

See HD

  • When you are looking for websites that offer streaming of movies over wide range for free, what else you want?
  • There’s no sign up mess included to watch your favourite movies and tv shows.
  • You are spared from the burden of mentioning your credit card details.

2. iO movies

 iO movies

  • It is one of the best known sites for showcasing a vast rang of movies belonging to all genres.
  • This one has a well defined dashboard with super easy user interface.
  • Also, registration isn’t mandatory. Hence, your personal details aren’t at risk while you are enjoying watching movies and tv shows.

3. F movies

F movies

  • This one is best known for showing Hollywood series’ in online market.
  • They also offers Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies of all genres along with tv shows.
  • The layout used is user friendly and gives you options like advanced searches, recent updates, country wise sorting, genre wise sorting, alphabetically organised movies and much more.

4. AZ movies. xyz

AZ movies. xyz

  • It provides different links for a particular movie from different host websites. It gives a complete package of movies and tv shows.
  • You can select from multiple genres like drama, fantasy, kids, action and many more.
  • All you need is an excellent Internet connection with your bucket list ready to watch.
  • Viewers might get interrupted by various ad pop ups, since it’s a free movie website you have to accept this downfall.

5. Cosmo Tube. Co

Cosmo Tube. Co

  • Whether it’s a latest action or superhero movie you can get the best quality of picture here.
  • It has straightforward user interface which helps you to find any kind of movie easily.
  • You can also explore a wide range of movies from Indie classics to latest bollywood masala/
  • No need to go for registration first. Just click the link of the movie you like and voila! Enjoy watching.

6. Show Box

Show Box

  • This site is famous for integrating both mobile and PC/laptops dashboard outlooks.
  • It has a beautiful taste of movies and tv shows.
  • ShowBox allows you to download movies and shows without signing up.
  • You can enjoy both online and offline service with best video quality.

7. LOS Movies.Cx

  • For the ones that are needy for more and more, this site is updated with new collection every other day.
  • The most sorted and updated site in the list is this.
  • Though it won’t allow users to download from given choices, it surely is the best one to enjoy online streaming of movies and binge watching your favourite tv shows.

8. Vumoo


  • Provides streaming of movies with minimal internet usage.
  • This site is well organized with a good media collection that also provides a healthy user interface that is understandable by allx.
  • It has around 60 thousand titles across movies and tv shows.


  • It gives you several options for choosing a website through which you can enjoy watching/downloading movies. According to the data they use and movie size they provide, it is mentioned in form MBs next to every link which makes your selection easy.
  • User can start watching any movie directly for free and without any type of disturbance and without signing up for it.

10. Sony crackel

Sony crackel

  • A great website for going through a collection of movies that numbers more than thousands of old and new movies.
  • All the movies and tv shows are free of cost and legal to watch online as well as offline.
  • Without registering to the site, you can watch anything you like.

11. Ganol


  • The loading time taken by this site is less than fee seconds. It is best known for almost zero buffering while watching movies.
  • There are ad pop ups now and then, but that’s okay to tolerate. As there is no compulsion on revealing your personal details by signing up.
  • From hindi to english, entire range you can surf with extremely simple user interface.

12. Mega Box Office. Com

Mega Box Office. Com

  • The name only suggests that there are tons of movies and tv shows available on the website.
  • The dashboard layout is quite easy to understand. It provides you with numerous options on various genres and filters available.
  • This site gives you an added benefit of saving movies for future streaming.
  • So if you are not free right now, we can save it for you to watch it later.

13. C movies HD

C movies HD

  • This site is known for zero ad pop ups. Thus watching or downloading the movie becomes less tiresome.
  • It’s not the primary source of movies that you are searching. But it ensures to take its users to the correct website that has actually uploaded the movie.
  • All this is worth, when you’ll know that this website doesn’t need sign up formalities either. Isn’t that amazing?

14. Yify TV

Yify TV

  • It’s an online movie site that gives you complete package of movies and tv shows from different genres at one place.
  • And guess what! No sign up needed.
  • You can enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies in HD quality.

15. YouTube


  • Well it is not a movie streaming site as a whole, but you can find a vivid range of movies and web series’ that are both paid and free.
  • The added benefit is no sign up needed.
  • Just search the movie name or anything related to the movie and you will get options to choose from.

16. MoviesJoy


  • Another user friendly online movie streaming site that helps you find your desired movie is MoviesJoy.
  • The dashboard layout is quite simple. You can enjoy your favourite show in HD quality.
  • Say it be an old classic movie or a latest new arrival movie, you will find here. Watching them without any ads is a blessing.

17. VexMovies


  • Extremely popular for regular updates. There’s a section on the dashboard itself that gives you a list of recently updated movies list. That you can add to your bucket list and watch later.
  • Provides the user, a benefit to watch without signing up and that too ad-free streaming.
  • What are you waiting for? Go check VexMovies now.

18. Yomovies

  • Best known for Bollywood and Tollywood masala movies. Here you will everything in a categorised manner.
  • It’s regularly updated and all movies and shows are available in high definition.
  • For Watching online, no sign up is needed. But if you want to download it and watch it later, sign up is a must.

19. PutLocker


  • It is one of the largest social media website that hosts different websites for free movie streaming.
  • Without signing up, you can have access to more than 5000 movies and tv shows.
  • To maintain the vast collection and give a user friendly output, it has segmented the website in a microscopic way.

20. Rainierland


  • It has a huge collection of movies and tv shows.
  • Having a beautiful dashboard and free sign up facility, Rainierland gives you all at one place.
  • Due to some legal matters, the site is shut down. But within no time it is going to have its comeback on social media soon.

21. SolarMovies

  • It is one of the most popular movie streaming site. The dashboard layout is vividly simple.
  • Users enrolling to SolarMovies have access to comedy, fiction, action, romcom, drama, sci-fi, anime and much more.
  • Language options are also available.
  • All this without any ads or sign up formality.

22. PopcornFlix


  • This one is my personal favourite. There are so many options available under different genres.
  • It is well updated with new collection almost every day.
  • The quality of movies is incomparable to other sites.
  • All this with no registration needed. Just pop up to this site and have an evening that is completely dedicated to yourself.

23. My download Tube

My download Tube

  • What to explain in this, when the same says it all. Here you can watch online for free. But for downloading, registration is needed.
  • With an ad-free zone, you can enjoy watching without any distractions.
  • The site has no content of its own. It hosts from different legal websites and gives you legitimate links for movies with high definition quality.

24. Hindilinks4U

  • This One pioneers the list when it comes to searching for movie from B town.
  • It is updated quite quickly as soon as movie releases, but new movie’s quality is a bit dull.
  • Once a week or two passes, you can have its HD version.
  • Enjoy watching your favourite movies with no registration process.

25. GoStream


  • As per the name suggests, it is quick and responsive.
  • There is huge range of movies and TV shows that are organised in a categorical manner.
  • Getting all this with no sign up requirements is just what we need.

26. 5Movuies

  • It is best known for speed and reliability.
  • There’s a neat dashboard that fits all your requirements at fingertips.
  • This one showcases more of the Asian drama than any other streaming sites.
  • Name the genre and it’s already included under 5Movies.

27. 123movies


  • This one is a must have site to watch movies online without signing up.
  • From thrillers to action to romcoms to drama to fiction to animes it has it all.
  • All of this is sorted on a dashboard that is super easy to understand.
  • This one is one of those indexing websites that works independently.

28. House movie

House movie

  • This one also provides a non registration platform to watch movies and TV shows of your favourite kind.
  • It streams around 18000 movies / shows / videos as a whole, that you can name the movie and you will have it.
  • The quick streaming is a cherry on top for you when you go through house movies.
  • The simple user interface makes it quite easy.

29. Movie Ninja

Movie Ninja

  • As the name says, it is the ninja of all movie streaming sites of all times.
  • The diversified dashboard with classified genres, recent movie updates, most watched movies and many more choices, makes it easier for you to pick and watch movies.
  • There are no ad blockings that will disturb you in any manner.

30. Watchfree

  • Have a beautiful experience to watch all your desired movies and TV shows for free and without sign up procedures.
  • This one gives you links to a wide range of movie collection that covers almost every genre and language.
  • The interface is quite primitive but still sufficient for you to enjoy watching.

31. SnagFilms


  • This one is well known for its HD quality video streaming capacity.
  • With NO Sign Up agenda, people tends to stream their favourite show on snag films to get good picture quality.

32. FilmOnline4U

  • This one is a great compilation of Indian and Pakistani movies.
  • Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies are also available.
  • Like the others, this one also comes with a no sign up needed policy.
  • Thus to watch movies and shows in HD quality on both sides of the border, people tend to refer to this site.

33. StreamLikers

  • Like any other platform, this site is well known for its Hollywood and animated collection of movies and TV shows.
  • Without registering to it, you have access to thousands of english and hindi movies.

34. Yahoo! Movies

Yahoo! Movies

  • This one is only featured on US grounds. For streaming it outside the country, you’ll have to get VPN services done.
  • This one showcases TV shows fr well known networks such as FOX, ABC and many others.
  • With no sign up needed, you can enjoy every by just surfing along.

35. Afdah


  • I kept my personal favourite to end the list. This one is just beyond limits.
  • There is a classification done country wise even.
  • With simple user interface and no sign up required, Afdah is so close to my heart.

Thus to conclude it for you all, no need to pay anymore to get entertainment! Just select one of the above sites and enjoy watching your favourite movie or binge watch your desired TV show without any complications. Happy streaming!

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