Best Fitness Trackers for 2018 – Under $50

Our proactive life demands control, so we use devices that can accurately measure fitness activities.

There is a significant rise in the interests of individuals in checking their fitness levels regularly. And, there’s a simple way of doing this – wear a fitness tracker!

They are developed to help every person track activities related to fitness, calorie consumption, quality of sleep, and even the heartbeat. These wearables are a necessity for today.

But, activity/fitness trackers are not high-end products. You may misconstrue them as expensive gadgets that are used by only a high-spending consumer community.

You are mistaken – fitness trackers are also available at affordable prices.

Under a price point of $50, we have enlisted the five best fitness trackers for 2018.

1: Misfit Flash

Misfit Flash

With attractive multicolored lights, the Misfit Flash is a trendy fitness tracker.

You’ll love the device for its smart buttons, splash-proof LED display, and wireless sync with a paired smartphone. It comes with a non-charging replaceable battery – which lasts nearly 6 months.


  • Band resists snagging or breaking, even in extreme winters
  • Avoids scuffs and scratches
  • Automatically highlights time during rest mode
  • Calculates calories while tracking progress
  • Made from aerospace-grade, soft-touch polycarbonate plastic


  • The wristband may not last long (but you can replace it)
  • Non-charging battery – a major downside


You can use the Flash to track heavy and light sleep. The tracker also enables a control over connected household devices. It is a perfect fit for cyclists and tough workouts.

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2: LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

Are you watching out for your heart rate?

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is ideal for monitoring heart rate at any time of the day. Multiple training modes and sedentary alerts will keep you moving all day.

With a single charge, you get a whole week of working time.


  • SMS reminders and call alerts
  • Integrated pedometer and calorie counter
  • Smart functions that enable remote control for the camera of a paired smartphone
  • Wrist sense – screen lights up when you turn your wrist to view


  • Lights up at night with silent vibration alarms
  • Pedometer is inaccurate in counting small steps
  • Dim display, difficult in outdoors


Best for monitoring heart rate, this tracker is also great for tracking workout consistency.

Sleep monitor can become inaccurate. Comprehensive data analysis from the tracker will help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle in no time.
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3: Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Made from compatible, lightweight materials, the Mi Band 2 is a stylish fitness tracker. It is waterproof and fits with straps of different colors. The tracker has an OLED display for outdoor visibility.

The tracker connects through BLE 4.0 and has low power consumption acceleration sensors. Moreover, the heart rate sensor is photoelectric, saving battery capacity for a long run.


  • Sleep-cycle smart alarm
  • Touchpad controls
  • Syncs well with Google Fit
  • Sturdy – aluminum and thermoplastic material


  • Can unlock your Mi phone without the password, so don’t keep it distant
  • Not for swimming or diving
  • Doesn’t pair with Mi phone if other bands are nearby


The heart rate monitor only works when an arm is in still position. It works best with Mi phones, and supports Android devices only. Pedometer and sleep tracker is fairly accurate.
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4: Moov Now

Moov Now

If you add another $9.95 to your budget, you get much more features with the Moov Now tracker.

It is developed for swimmers and runners. Omni Motion sensors by Moov provide real-time accuracy. You get more than 6 months of battery life.


  • Real-time audio coaching feature
  • Body weight analysis
  • Speaks to you for motivation
  • Works well with iOS and Android
  • Built-in accelerometer


  • No display, view data only through the app
  • Inaccuracy in tracking HIIT workouts
  • No GPS


Boxers can wear one in each of their wrists to track their movements. The tracker can track lap times accurately.

However, it is the best-working tracker for swimmers and divers – tracks the stroke count and stroke type for lap analysis.
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5: Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Made from stainless steel, the Fitbit Flex 2 band is flexible and adjustable at the same time.

This tracker comes is swim-proof and shower-proof. You can easily hide it in pendants and bands. It can track every physically-active minute of your day.

Made from stainless steel, the Fitbit Flex 2 band is flexible and adjustable at the same time.

This tracker comes is swim-proof and shower-proof. You can easily hide it in pendants and bands. It can track every physically-active minute of your day.


  • Motivates to exercise with reminders
  • Celebrates daily & weekly goals such as weight loss, calorie burn
  • Tracks sleep even in the sedentary mode
  • Comes with an independent charger


  • Battery life is very short


You get the advantage of the SmartTrack feature, which automatically identifies the selected workout and provides data to the FitBit app.

The price is way over $50, but this product will certainly help you avoid short-lived fitness trackers.
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