Our Pick for Top 5 Fastest Micro-USB Cables in 2018!

Speedy file transfer has become essential in our daily lives. We can’t depend on wireless technologies when we have super-fast USB cables to support this need.

Today, we use several portable devices – smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and power banks – equipped with micro-USB ports that ensure speedy and secure data transfers.

Standardized plugs for connecting such peripheral devices to host computers have transformed. With the onset of micro-USB, data transfer rates have soared.

Micro-USB cables are being developed to attain the lowest power consumption while transferring data at high speeds.

We have ranked the five best and fastest micro-USB cables available for us in 2018. They’re reliable, budget-friendly, and designed for fastest data transfer.

1: iXCC Micro-USB Cable

iXCC Micro-USB Cable

Cheapest of the lot, these super-fast micro-USB cables by iXCC are perfect for Android to Windows connectivity.

They are 6-ft long, durable, and ideal for port charging in the car, office or at home.


  • Made with 24 AWG high-gauge, low-impedance wires
  • Tested bend lifespan of more than 20,000
  • Best for industrial use
  • No frills


  • Too long for home use
  • Limited to USB 2.0 transfer speeds

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2: 6-foot Braided Nylon Micro-USB Cable by Ailkin

6-foot Braided Nylon Micro-USB Cable by Ailkin

You get a pack of five 6-ft long micro-USB cables at a reasonable price of one.

Ailkin offers nylon-braided micro-USB cables that are universally compatible, extremely durable and nearly 10% faster than most standard cables.

They are perfect for in-car charging and convenient for office use.


  • Soft and flexible cables with extended bend lifespan
  • 10 times stronger than other braided micro-USB cables
  • Premium aluminum shell ensures safe charging
  • Protects wire cores to longevity
  • Resists cable tangles
  • Up to 480 mbps data transfer rates with USB 2.0


  • These long cords are not ideal for short cable use
  • Connector pins too tight for grip

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3: ReTrak Premier Series Retractable Micro-USB Cable

 ReTrak Premier Series Retractable Micro-USB Cable

Long cables and weird tangles can become intolerable, making this retractable micro-USB a must have.

The ReTrak micro-USB cable series offers 480 mpbs data transfer speeds with standard USB 2.0.


  • Super-handy
  • Sturdy mechanism for desktop charging
  • Syncs media, pics and files efficiently
  • Charges all standard micro-USB devices


  • The retractable spring is a bit frail and delicate
  • Cable falls out if retracted accidently
  • Get tangled constantly, doesn’t retract easily if fitted to wall

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4: EZOPower Micro-USB Cable

EZOPower Micro-USB Cable

If you use several Samsung devices like Galaxy Tab or the S7 Edge smartphones, then this cable offers excellent data transfer.

It syncs the charging and data transfer efficiently. EZOPower micro-USB cable comes in various lengths and colors, you can choose and select as per your need.


  • Very sturdy, these cables are worth it
  • Best compatible for Samsung and Motorola devices
  • Fast-charging and doesn’t fall out easily


  • Power connection pins get really hot after long use

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5: Anker PowerLine Micro-USB Cables

Anker PowerLine Micro-USB Cables

This industrial-grade micro-USB cable delivers uniform high charging speed.

Compatible with all Android devices, the Anker PowerLine series are well-constructed for heavy duty purposes. Charging is not hampered even when the charging current drops.


  • Lasts longer due to reinforced stress points, bulletproof aramid fibers
  • Thick gauge wiring to offer fastest power charging
  • Bend lifespan – 5000+
  • High twist resistance


  • Damages charging port in case of overheating

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